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Hello world!

bangalore-hebbal-flyover2.jpgHi Hii friends….Wel here i write my first post…i dnt think i can write or anything but then been put into a project…n like the plight of many s/w freshers got to wait 4 maybe 1 month or so to actually start working…n the reason…it seems they dnt’v enof cubicles to accomodate al of us..can u believe it??y do they then recruit so many people..anyways al this means i have lotz f time..n al i cud think of ws 2 start blogging n here i am…

Hope it turns out 2 b a great experience.


8 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. hey…dont worry u’ll get place

  2. ya i hope so…realy bord u c

  3. welcome! 🙂

    Relax about you not having work and stuff…’cos once you start you won’t get time for anything! 😦

  4. Evn dats tru…hope i dnt freak out wen i sudenly gt loadz f wrk 2 b done…nt at al usd 2 it here.

  5. Hey, so u also got started blogging, huh? Cool!!

    And yeah, if you are bored, remember that the Internet is the best teacher you’ll ever get. So, you can learn about new stuff on the net.

  6. Ya u r rite..guess i shud lrn smethn…rather dan wasting my tim here

  7. Pl don worry. u wl be placed soon. this is the time to enjoy afterwards, u may not find time to eat

  8. hello this is amazing

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