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Back with a vengeance

A new beginning for Sherinia


So here I am…back after close to 2 years…ok..wondering where I was…well busy with life’s troubles…naaa.actualy had forgotten my id n password n didn’t really bother to remember too …And when today my friend mentioned about the same case  where she got back her blog which she had started 2 years back,it somehow inspired me too to find my dear blog,which I had started with so much inspiration to bring out the great thinker in me out to the world(well thats how I thought then :-))

And so much changed in mean time….Changes from what I thought my life would be after 2 years…life seems completely different…wel guess thats how life is…full of surprises n twists and turns…and thats what adds spice to our boring lives I guess…

So here I am…even now dont’ve much to offer in my blog…but still hope this helps me channelize my thoughts to the best.


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