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Jingle Bells…Jingle all the way

“Think of all the beauty that’s still left in and around you, and be happy”,said Anne Frank.

So here I was trying to figure out the beauty in and around me and comes this wonderful Christmas, which truly gave the happiness which u can say many times comes in small packages.

I cannot say I did a lot of things on Christmas but truly it will be remembered for the refreshing feeling its brought in me.Me and my room mates did’nt have special plans as such for Christmas but then it somehow turned out to be a special event.Well to introduce my room mates,will keep it for some other time.We are total 5 of us staying together.All associated with the same boring IT life , and trying to find simple joys apart from our monotonous lives.

So here on 24th night me,Frooti,Gudiya and Sandy thought of spicing up our lives a bit and celebrate it our own simple way.Have to say I didnt do anything as such to organize it though. So back from work, Sandy assigns me the work of blowing balloons and I thought its the least I could do for all the efforts they have put and what a tough job blowing balloons was.I dont remember when was the last time I did it before that evening but have to say it was true tough breath taking  job.But also true that I did improve from where I started.I did end up doing an ok job with few neat cute ones at the end.And there was Frooti’s effort to blow at least 1 balloon right and all the time we just couldn’t stop laughing.

After the decorations, was a surprise from Frooti who got us all Santa caps and then here we go and dress up in red to add flavor to the event.So we, the four Santas laughing our hearts out even at the glimpse of each other cut the cake at sharp 12 followed by our photo session for the memory of this event.



On 25th,after a lazy day we decided to enjoy the festivities around the place.Walking on the crowded roads of M.G Road was not how any of us planned to enjoy it though.But here we were right in the sea of people,dressed in their bright clothes and their brightest smiles,kids with their Santa caps,sitting on the top of their dad’s shoulders  enjoying their chocolates and ice creams.I guess the gift shops did the most business that day as all were buying the best they could for their loved ones.Admist all the chaos,we the ones with no purpose,roaming around aimlessly felt free among the crowd and were at our crazy best and thats when baby Frooti’s eyes caught the attention of a cute red heart shaped balloon.So she had to get it.The kid in her brought out the kid in me too and I couldnt stop myself from getting a white balloon of the same type.So here both of us with careless abandon were walking around the streets with a balloon tied to our hand and a smile on our lips.I do feel pity for Sandy and  Gudiya though,who had to walk with grown up kids like us but I’m sure they enjoyed it themselves too.

All the walk made us hungry and it was time to listen to the cry of our stomach.The restaurant had a long queue and so with our names on the list,we visited the nearby super market.Not to forget with the gas balloons tied to our hands,much to the entertainment of onlookers but did we care.Never.We were enjoying Christmas…the day to be happy for the way we are for Christ loves us…be free from all our inhibitions and be the way we feel.We also had dinner in the same state and thats when Frooti’s cute red balloon attracted a sweet little girl on the adjacent table.She was troubling her mother for it.But would anyone of us budge.Well not that day atleast.On one side was the pull to make the kid happy by givin her the balloon and another side we were younger than the kid that day at heart.So Frooti somehow tried ignoring the kid troubling her mom.To our joy the kid forgot it soon too and was busy smiling and chatting with her parents again.The fear of losing the ballon still didnt leave Frooti though.After a delicious dinner,she slipped away soon out of the door with the balloon tight in our arms to escape the eye of the kid.We couldnt stop laughing for our own actions later.Tired we returned back  home and relished the time we had  this Christmas where we once again felt the purer self of us as God had created us to be.

At the end of this year all I want to do is thank God for giving me this beautiful year where he taught me to depend more on him than anyone else.Wishing the best for all of you the coming year. May you find the grace to believe in your dreams and achieve it this coming year.Happy New Year!!!!!!!!


2 Responses to “Jingle Bells…Jingle all the way”

  1. when i go to a gift shop, i always look for cute little stuffed animals and other cute stuffs,..

  2. we always go on gift shops whenever we want to find something to give on special occasions ,,-

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