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Chowki Dhani


Recently I could make a trip to Chowki Dhaani , which is a well recreated Rajasthani village.It seems “Chowki Dhaani” means a “Fine Hamlet” or some say a Small Village in their local dialect.Living in Pune one should truly visit this place atleast once to experience the warmth of living in a village environment.Located on the Pune-Ahmednagar highway,this place costs an entry fee of Rs.350 for adults while Rs.250 for kids.And if you happen to be working in any of the companies with whom they have a tie-up or so,you can avail a discunt of 6-7% too.

The place opens only by 5 in the evening and we were there right on time.The moment one steps in,you will be welcomed with the traditional tikka on your forehead.The sweet dialect is profounded by the use of ‘Sa’ in the end of sentence. Welcome is connoted as ‘ Aao Sa’ whereas ‘ Baitho Sa’ means please sit down. The language along with the royal attire that the people dress themselves with, is enough to make one really special.

We were welcomed with a refreshing drink of “Jaljeera” ,which was followed by our wandering around the place and photo session as usual.The main attraction of this place is that you are free to do all the things that you would do in a village in Rajasthan.There are games like archery,local form of bowling alley,pulling a tower of glasses down by hitting it by all by much more.

One can also get mehendi designs on your hand for free and have to say she was very fast,even though we didn’t like the designs much.You can also get your pictures taken in the traditional Rajasthani attire.Was a good sight to see many couples dressed up and posing for the pictures with their blushful smiles for looking so different.Throughout the time,one can witness local perfomances like puppet shows,folk music,acrobatics on the rope,with fire,magic tricks and so on.You can also see the “Kalbeliya” dance.It is by the snake charmers community.It seems Kal means snake and beliya means friend,so one can see that the female folks who present this dance have flexible bodies compared to the sleek and flexible bodies of snakes. As the snakes don’t have any bones in them and this is what makes them so flexible in their movements so are the movements of the kalbeliyans. kalbeliyaThey are too excellent in their performances. Spinning around is the main act which they do with all their flexibilities and their speed works on the beats. Its a real must watch performance. We were so thrilled by it, that some of my friends wanted to join them for the dance.But I just coudn’t make my courage to go up the stage before all and do the dance.

One can also indulge in lot of activities like pottery, take a bullock-cart or horse-cart or camel ride.I took the camel ride.Though it was all bumpy, but then had a lot of fun moving around sitting on it.There is also a smaller version of a giant wheel,completely manual and have to say I was a bit scared getting on it.But compared to the fun I had on it,the fear ws nothing.The folk music was also so lively that we couldnt stop ourselves from dancing to its tunes.Everybody, both young and old,played dandiya and danced their best,jumping and swinging to the beats of the dholak and the tradional instruments.

DinnerThe core of Chowki Dhaani is the food.Apart from the chaats they serve and the golas you can eat from the stalls, you have the elaborate dinner at the end of it all.It includes a huge list of Rajasthani delicacies like dal-baati,kadhi,garlic chutney,bajrey ki roti,papad and sweets like halwa and so on.The list goes on.We had to sit on the floor to eat our food and it was truly served in a very authentic manner with the village folks greeting us and asking as if we liked the food.

The whole day of activites left us tired and we rested on a ”khatiya”,a bed made by ropes.Each one of us sang songs and were remenescing the good day we had in this simple yet elegant place.A time where we really got cut off from the hustle and bustle of city life and felt connected to the our basic roots of living,which helps us to be happy with the simple things of life.

On our way back home,once aagin we sang songs,varying from the oldies to the new loud ones like “Main talli ho gayi” and ”Tandoori Nights”,one of my friend’s favorites and which none of us could figure out how.Time passed and our trip was over.But as every trip,this too will be added into memory’s happy moments list.


6 Responses to “Chowki Dhani”

  1. is it???wen u guys went dere…u didnt tell me…..if next time u guys plan pls write in blog before going dere….i will surely cum as i am also in pune:)))

  2. Dumb kid sabya, even u were there with us. Forgot huh? I think ur processor is not working today.
    Sherin, give her processor for repair.
    And yeah the trip was really good. 🙂 🙂

  3. Excuse me MR Julian….r u all ri8…i dont know u and u r commenting on dis…very bad ok…sherin pls forgive him..poor guy..dont know wat he has written

  4. Sabya madam, hope u can read. Kindly read what Sherin has written. I am praying tat u should understand wat u read. Poor u. I pity u :).

  5. ohhhh sorry guys…actually dat day i forgot to take my camera…so cudnt take pics…dats y cudnt remember….since 15 mins got over ……so i got to remember everything…..
    it was really nice place to visit….still thinking 4 gud places in pune…guy/gals plan out and go dere…..
    it was one of ours nice pal 🙂

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